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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of Majestic Aromas is to provide Health and Wellness products to individuals suffering from sensitive skin and other skin-related illnesses that may cause discomfort to them and their families. These products will have a positive impact on the well-being of communities served.

Our Goal

The goal of Majestic Aromas, Ltd is to become a world premier supplier and manufacturer of Health & Wellness products for the Mind, Body and Soul. The Health and Wellness Industry has recently proven itself as a sure path of harnessing a prosperous future while reaping the benefits of its products and education.

Our Vision

Majestic Aromas LTD. is a International corporation specializing in Health and Wellness and the distribution of various products and services such as Candles & Aromatherapy, Spa/Salon & Resort Supplies, and Imported Furniture, Home Accents, and Industrial Organic Skin Bath & Body accessories.

Our History

The Majestic Aromas brand was inspired by the mother of the founder who suffered from severe eczema throughout her childhood. Through personal research of ancient remedies Dr. Muhammed was able to help his mother control her eczema using his product. With the help of his mother the Majestic Aromas organic soaps were born.

Currently headquartered in Birmingham, England U.K. Majestic Aromas was originally founded in Daytona Beach, FL in 1993 and incorporated in 1996. The Majestic Aromas, U.S branch now currently operates in Cambridge, MA.

Advisory Board Officers

Chairman of the Board/Founder: Dr. Ali Muhammed,DD-93
Chief Executive Officer: Ms Naomi Palmer-09
Executive Director: Charles Smith-96
Logistics Director: Lee Charles Hamilton-10
Marketing Director: Eric Nathaniel Jones-10
Executive Secretary: Roshan Strickland-01

Our Objective:

As the Health and Wellness Industry continues to evolve, it is the intention of Majestic Aromas to:

Our Objective
  1. Support the community by facilitating safe fundraising programs
  2. Expand existing product lines and opportunities
  3. Establish new services based on client request/demand
  4. Demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  5. Steady prices in an unstable environment

These SEEDS will continue to help our business grow into a vibrant, healthy entity. Providing fruit and fragrant blossoms from which you, too, can prosper.

"As Majestic Aromas, Inc. stretches its limbs, soon products, services, and site translations will ripen into the acres to follow." — Dr. Ali Muhammed
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