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Unlike many other soap-makers, we offer extensive custom options with small minimums. For a minimum order size as small as 280 bars, you can:

  1. Pick from one of our scents or design your own soap from our list of available ingredients.
  2. Choose from a variety of bar sizes, from 0.8 oz, great for an amenity bar with your logo.
  3. Imprint each bar with your logo.
  4. Bevel the bar edges for a smoothr feel.
  5. Package your soaps in own of our eco-friendly options.
  6. Display the finished soaps in your retail setting, or bundle them as gift packs.

How It's Made

From our experience working with customers, the easiest method is to open and/or print our custom order form then have it handy to refer to as you are reading through the choices and descriptions below.

To gain access to the order form, please register your company name and email address on the wholesale/private label page, and you will be taken to the wholesale pricing/ordering information page.

Bar Sizes

Bar Sizing

Not everyone has the same size hands, nor does one size bar work for all purposes. We offer five standard sizes to accommodate a broad range of uses and users.

  • Spa Size — Our most popular bar, a squarish block which fills the palm comfortably and evenly. It makes a balanced frame for most logos.
    • 4 oz, 2.75" x 2.25" x 1.5"
    • 72 bars per case
  • Shower Size — Longer and thinner than the spa bar, this is the closest in shape to the average soap bar and dish. It can also be best for long, thin logos or brand names.
    • 4.9 oz, 3.5" x 2.25" x 1"
    • 80 bars per case
  • 3.5 oz bar — Developed for those wholesale customers who want a retail price point under $5 this is one of our most popular bars. It is a nice rectangular shape that fits easily in smaller hands.
    • 3.5 oz, 3.1" x 2.1" x 1"
    • 98 bars per case
  • Personal Size — A thin bar with a face large enough for easily readable logos, this size makes a wonderful promotional item. Also popular for gifts and travel usage.
    • 1.6 oz, 2.75" x 2.25" x 0.5"
    • 210 bars per case
  • Hotel/Gift Size — This, our smallest bar, is ideal for hotel use as an amenity bar. It works equally well for gifts or as wedding favors.
    • 1.25 oz, 2.25" x 1.5" x 0.6"
    • 280 bars per case

Logo Imprinting

Each of the bars can be hand stamped with your logo, beautifully extending your brand into the finest of handmade soaps. If you would like this option you will need to send us a computer file of your chosen logo or design (.pdf, .eps, .ai) at the time you place your order or soon thereafter. We will have a brass stamp made to fit the size bar you choose. This stamp is yours to be reclaimed at any time.


Our basic bars have the clean, straight lines left by our guitar-string cutters, creating a square edged bar with a rugged look and feel. For those who want a more refined finish, we offer the option of hand-beveling the edges and points. Because the beveling is done free-hand without the use of machinery, each edge has small undulations that give evidence of the bar's artisan roots, creating a look similar to carved stone or a block of hard cheese.


Although many of our customers display their soap unpackaged, due to the beauty of the natural colors and lusciousness of the botanical scents, we offer eco-friendly packaging options for those who prefer an enclosed bar. We have carefully sourced our materials for maximum sustainability and designed our packages to highlight both the bar itself and your brand on it. In all cases we have minimized the packaging to both reduce your costs and reduce the use of natural resources.

Bag and Sticker: Our simplest and least expensive option, yet carefully designed for maximum visual appeal and sustainability. The bag is cellophane, a material manufactured from wood pulp and fully biodegradable. We source cellophane that is made from plantation grown eucalyptus and aspen, not native forests or old growth trees. Please see material details about the sticker below. Each sticker will be stamped with the appropriate scent and can be shipped separate from the bag or assembled.

Private Label Sticker: All of our stickers are made from tree-free paper, a mixture of sugar cane waste, bamboo fiber, and cotton lint. They are printed with soy inks and use water based adhesive. The scent will be stamped above the text, while your information or logo can be stamped below in the blank space.

Spa Bar Box

Boxes: Our paperboard boxes are made from 100% post consumer recycled material and are fully biodegradable and recyclable. The window cut into the face of the box allows the beauty of the bar and the full logo stamp to show through, enhancing visual appeal and maximizing brand visibility. It also allows a space for the customer to smell the essential oil scents.

Spa Bar Box

Wraps: The cello wrap is biodegradable cellophane. The vellum wrap is 60% recycled material. Both are hand wrapped tightly around the bar, giving the soap an elegant, sleek appeal. The wraps are the same price.

Soap Display

Filled soap display Emtpy soap display

Slat Soap Dish: Another dish that holds two soaps handily, this thin, graceful tray cradles the bars aloft on thin slats of bamboo held in a rigid rectangular wooden frame. Like the Bamboo Soap Dish, this item makes for a wonderful gift pack.

Closed box Open box

Gift Box: Made from pauwlonia wood, fast growing, drought tolerant, cultivated tree, this box is light in both color and weight, but possesses a surprising strength. With its four square compartments wonderfully sized for our Spa bars, and its tight fitting overhanging lid ready to enclose the contents, this box can make a wonderful gift. Each compartment can hold a different soap or you can include your own personal touch like a washcloth, loupha, or other bath item.

Custom Soap Forumlation

For those who want the freedom to create their own unique soap, or if you have a special ingredient or natural perfume that you want to incorporate, like your own olive oil, flower petals, or essential oils, we can accommodate you. Here you can view a list of some of our ingredient's you can choose from. Please email or call us when you have arrived at some possible combinations or if you have questions. There is a one case minimum order. The custom soap is not guaranteed to come out exactly as you imagine it, but it is guaranteed for any flaws in workmanship. Any custom recipes will be held strictly confidential.

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