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Distribution Introduction

Join a $122 Billion Industry With Majestic Aromas, Ltd.

Distribution Team

Are you interested in supporting us in our vision to promote the use of Majestic Aromas certified organics, both locally and around the world? Would you like the opportunity to boost your existing business or perhaps even develop a lucrative home-based business that capitalizes on the booming growth of the organics industry – which for the first time in history, through Majestic Aromas, is now seriously tapping into the $122 billion dollar cosmetics and personal care industry?

Remember that your Majestic Aromas Regional Sales Representative is only an email away to assist you with any questions you might

Home-based Business Overview

If you are interested in earning a part-time income with Majestic Aromas by supporting our vision to promote Majestic Aromas certified organic products, then this section is designed to introduce you to our unique business opportunity. In particular, we aim to give you an informative insight into the key components that are driving our business growth. This includes an examination of the trends of the organics industry, an overview of our unique Enterprise business model and some of the powerful marketing strategies that you have available to promote Majestic Aromas as a home-based business.

When evaluating any business opportunity, we suggest that you use the following 15 point check-list to ensure that you make the right decision.

15 Point Business Evaluation Checklist

  1. Do the products represent good value to the end consumer? In other words is it a "real" product that solves real problems for real people?
  2. Would you buy these products even if there was no business opportunity attached to it?
  3. Are the products something that you would tell others about?
  4. Are the products able to be sold in retail outlets?
  5. Are the products in a market/industry that is huge and expanding?
  6. Is the timing of the product offer towards the beginning or the end of its life cycle? (E.g. You wouldn't now sell vinyl records if you were in the music industry.)
  7. Do the products have a unique and sustainable point of difference?
  8. Are the products such that they require repeat purchasing? (i.e. not restricted to just a once-off purchase?)
  9. Can consumers simply switch brands to use the products so that they don't have to start spending extra dollars? (i.e. are these type of products already in common use and part of people's normal spending patterns?)
  10. Is there a sound business model to leverage your earning capacity by employing the efforts of others? (For all successful business people who never had immediate access to a large investment capital; this was and, still is their most critical success factor.)
  11. Can I quickly recover my costs and start earning a profit?
  12. What commitment of my time and effort is required on an ongoing basis?
  13. Can this business be done online?
  14. If so, is there a fully functional website that educates and sells?
  15. Are there proven strategies to drive people to the website?

If after reviewing our business opportunity in relation to the above checklist, you find that you are both satisfied and enthusiastic at the thought of having your very own Majestic Aromas as a part-time business, then the next step is to arrange an appointment with your Majestic Aromas Regional Sales Representative either by phone or face to face.

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