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We at Majestic Aromas, Ltd. specializes in exclusive Amenities,Guest Supplies and Spa products. Majestic Aromas professional staff works with you to define your project scope, determine product specifications, budgets, estimate seasonal volumes and procure the products that will satisfy your demands, on-time and on-budget.

Our mission is to assist you in realizing your vision of making your property and guest experience unique, and second to none. We deliver unsurpassed service, unparalleled project management and international products and standards that will help you maintain a leading edge in your regions dynamic hospitality industry.

Our goal is to satisfy the regions dynamic hospitality industry development, global clientele standards and expectations, and property ownership's heightened demand for expanded and innovative product ranges and International services and turn-key solutions that consistently raise the level of hospitality in the demographics served.

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We understand the significance of amenities, guest supplies and spa products to enhance your property's brand image, guest convenience and satisfaction. Whether it is amenity supplies, guest supplies or spa products, Majestic Aromas provides you with innovative and professional products and services that support and embellish the total guest experience.


Our turn-key products, services and solutions allow you to focus on your core business while letting Majestic Aromas deliver the best amenities, guest supplies and spa products you demand. Every client is unique, therefore, every amenity, guest supply and spa program requires special attention and care to develop the right combination of products that will satisfy your vision.

Majestic Aromas, Ltd. is committed to serving and collaborating with the owners, management and staff of hip, innovative and exclusive boutique resorts and hotels, hospitality properties, and residential and commercial real-estate developments. We provide a full, on-site, project consultation with ownership and/or key department management staff, to clearly establish project objectives, budgets, and timelines that are mutually agreed upon and measurable, in order to assure project success. We look forward to serving you and providing the tailored amenity, guest supply and spa program solutions you require.

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